Bunny and Rab

The two rabbits, Bunny and Rab, are neighbours and the best of friends.
“Hi, would you like a tasty carrot?”
They have fun together and are always in a good mood.
“Three, two, one … Go! – Wow, that’s cool! Let’s do it, again!”
But then one day:
“Hey – take your paws off! That’s mine!”
“Be quiet – or I’ll give you a clip around the ear … you … you …”
No-one knows how it happened, but before you can say Jack Robinson, they have become the world’s greatest enemies.
And when two rabbits begin to argue, the fox is terribly pleased. His mouth begins to water, because he can see that his next delicious supper has become so much easier to catch ...
Using few words this is a play about big feelings.

Quarrelling and friendship are often closely related in children’s everyday experience; in “Bunny and Rab” we meet two characters who effortlessly win a place in children’s hearts. In the end caution and common sense help the two long-eared friends to keep their wits about them and to realise what true friendship really is.

Adapted from the book „Karni und Nickel“ by Claude Boujon/Tilde Michels.

Informationen zur Inszenierung

Zielgruppe: Native speakers: 5 ± 2 Jahre, English learners: 3th + 4th class level - Für Grundschulkinder, die Englisch lernen
Autor/in: Claude Boujon, Tilde Michels
Regie: Paul Schmidt
Spieler/innen: Verena Sciesielski, Wally Schmidt
Bühnenbild: Eva Adler, Matthias Meier
Figuren: Norman Schneider
Kostüme: Eva Adler

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Spieldauer: 40 Min.
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